Standard braais


Viljoen’s Engineering designs and manufactures the ultimate portable braai, “Rudy’s Braai”. This classic braai is highly functional and ergonomically designed for the master braaier by Master Braaier, Rudy Viljoen. It has an electro-galvanised frame and stainless steel tray. The deluxe model is made only from stainless steel. The half-drum braai is a cheaper option and perfect if you are braaiing for the masses.

In addition to Rudy’s braais we also manufacture standard and customised built-in barbeques for the home. The bush braai is a flat pack braai ideal for camping or for picnicking in the bush.

Flues & cowls

We manufacture purpose-made fireplaces, as well as items related to the braai and fireplace industry eg. flues, bends, reducers, cowls, dampers, gathers/canopies, grids, grid supports, basket grates, ash-pans, wood storage racks and firescreens in a variety of styles